Tuesday, February 14, 2012

all you need is love

hello love,
i know i know, it's been a long time... cut me some slack, i have a real job now. happy valentine's day to you! i hope you all have a wonderful day filled with the people you love most.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

long time, no post

hello love,
wow, it has been nearly a month and a half of no blogging! hmm, busy much? Life has been so crazy! I am absolutely loving my job and have been doing many freelance projects on the side, which hasn't left much time to blog. BUT i want to update y'all on some latest designs- there are so many more to come, but here are a few- :) hope you all had a fantastic thanksgiving (mine was spent in omaha with my great family) and a very very merry Christmas!
lovely business card for a great little business in tulsa! so yummy!
yummy logo :)
precious save the date for such a great couple!
 AND now for some holiday cheer!!!

my fam's Christmas card
are they not the cutest?
a print i put in RiffRaff
another little RiffRaff print
it's not Christmas without ugly sweaters right?? ;)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Spooky Day!

hello love,
happy happy happy Halloween! i love halloween- it may (dare i say) be one of my favorite holidays (not beating Christmas though)... i mean, fall weather, candy, carmel, dressing up, fun movies- what's not to love?!
this year i decided to go as an 80's workout instructor... because let's be serious for a sec- you know you would take aerobics from me. ... right? ...
our office dressed up today- look at these get-ups! happy halloween :) i would love to see what you are dressing up as! 
born in 1987
i LOVED doing my make up this morning
the blog post I posted on Celebrate's website :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

braided love

Hello love,
can i just say- i have been loving my new job, oh my!!!! cannot even tell you lovelies how fantastic it has been! i am the media director here at celebrate, which means i am in charge of our website! i have already made some fun new changes... as well as new additions- like my daily tips and tricks tab called "your daily" (click on it- you won't regret). this is what i posted today that i thought you all might enjoy :) and don't forget to check it out at celebratearkansas.com

Braids have been a staple in the hair world for centuries now- and it's no wonder! With so many ways to style this cute hair-do, you can really do anything. One trend that has been sticking around for a while is the lace braid- very similar to a French braid except instead of pulling hair from both sides, you only add hair to one side of the braid. It's so cute and a great way to mix up your every day do.
Here's how:
Step 1: Separate the section of your hair to be braided — from the rest of your hair.
Step 2: This braid can go from ear to ear, or start at your part, so start braiding either at the beginning of your part or just behind one ear as you would a French braid. (Warning: tired arms ahead!)
Step 3: When you’re ready to start adding pieces of hair, only add hair to the top side of the braid. For the other side just keep braiding but don’t pick up anymore hair to add in. Continue braiding across to your ear or around to the back of your head.
Step 4: After you finish braiding the entire section, end the braid with a small elastic. If you wear your hair down, you can use bobby pins to secure the braid from moving around. Or you can work the braid into a low chignon. However you choose to wear it, you’ll have a built-in headband that keeps the hair off your face and looks great!
make two braids for extra chic-ness
so gorgeous with this "outie" braid
yes, even jennifer aniston rocks it
so does LC- hah, The Hills anyone?
cute hairstyle for kids! great way to keep their
hair out of the way so they can maximize their play!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

ombre hair... it's growing on me

hello love,
so i'm sure you are probably quite aware of this eclectic trend of ombre hair strutting the runway and all over the red carpet... at first i wasn't sure if this was something that would EVER be cute. lately though, it's growing on me.  
what do you lovelies think about this fun hair trend? 
talk about design... your hair is your canvas.
thinking about adding some color to my ends!
Lily Aldridge looking fab with ombre hair
really loving it on Jessica Biel
Leighton Meester in Marie Clair... stylin'
very cool... but not something i could ever pull

Thursday, October 6, 2011

blue blue blue

hello love,
so as you might have noticed from fashion week about a month ago or any magazine lately, blue is in... big time. jewel tones have always been trendy during the fall season, but this season people can't seem to get enough of the deep, royal or cobalt blues! so i thought i would try a monochromatic look (with accents of gold), another trend this season, using only shades of blue. what do you lovelies think about my blue look?? also, check out the CUTEST nail tutorial ever, it's so easy and very adorable.
From Harper's Bazaar, August 2011
Sweet and easy nail tutorial you have got to try!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ken Robinson... interesting thing to think about

hello love,
this is such a fascinating talk on TED about how school kills creativity... something to think about- check it out!