Tuesday, May 31, 2011

design competition

hello love,
i'm taking a break from designing for a bit (working on an amazing wedding invitation for my dear friend Laura Parrott) and i thought i'd share with you a cool opportunity by vitamin water. they are holding a design contest! design an original t-shirt for vitamin water, and if you win your t-shirt will by produced and sold alongside designers from the council of fashion designers of america! Anyways, thought i'd share... i think i may enter although i'm not a fashion designer per-say, who says a graphic designer can't win?? for more info, click here

gaga inspired

hello love,
as i'm waiting to get the okay to post a few brand new graphics i did for a recent client, i thought i'd share a gaga inspired "have a better day" type of card! it's not done, i'm not sure if i will actually print it... but who hasn't been inspired by gaga here recently with her cd release? i mean, seriously. i watched mtv's latest interview "inside the outside" (which you should all watch) and was further convinced i needed to do something inspired and dedicated to her.

so here it is... the unfinished pick-me-up greeting card- haha, like i said, i'm not sure if i will print it... don't know if anyone would purchase such a card as this.
let me know what you honestly think, love (keep in mind it is not finished). would you but something like this?? i need feedback :) what kind of card would you buy?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

happy graduations

hello love,
graduation season has come and gone and this family now has two recent grads :) here are the highlights... 
also, a more decent post will come over the weekend- i have some designs that are just waiting to be debuted!
finally- after years spent in the library? hm, well some of them at least...
my college degrees
little sis is a high school grad- here she comes U of A, get ready

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

better late than never, right?!

hello love!
i feel as if this introduction (or should i say re-introduction) needs an exclamation point since it has been SOO unexcusably long since i've last posted! geesh! between moving, graduating, my little sis graduating and family in town (love to my biggest fans grandpa and grandma)... i have been crazy busy.
BUT i am back- man, i've missed you love!
here are my (better late than never) monthly favs. i combined april and may since i (obv. but sadly missed april)... enjoy and let me know what you are loving this month!

i have so many pictures to share with you, love, so stay tuned <3

Thursday, May 5, 2011

almost done- time flies

hello love,
So sorry I have been absent for a bit- I promise that my monthly favorites for april are coming soon (just will be a bit late). I am in my LAST WEEK of college; ahh, what a crazy feeling. I was in the library last night (a part of me is going to miss Mullins... a lot of time was spent there) writing my very last term paper EVER. As a college student who hasn't learned her lesson in avoiding procrastination and staying on top of school work- I (head hung low) didn't even start this term paper until last night. hence being why i was there from 5 pm - 5 am! Yes, my friends, 12 hours of straight up researching, writing, occasionally panicking and facebook-ing (whoops). 
Although I am sleep deprived, today has been such a relief. I had my last photography critique this morning (that went great!) and just handed in 12 hours worth of a term paper about Jacque-Louis David for my 19th century European art history class. 
I'm going to really miss college, which I think is a sign that I did it right- there is no doubt I made the most of college! It's bittersweet moving on, but I can't wait to see what the next chapter of my life holds :)
a picture i snapped last night in the library (i figured it was appropriate to document my last visit)

much love to you from a soon-to-be college grad (with two degrees under her belt and a lot more life to live)