Thursday, February 24, 2011

this way to the beach

hello love,
spring break cannot come fast enough! do i need a vacation? hmm, let's ask my poor right hand that is so beyond sore after writing 7 pages worth of essays for my 19th century european art history test. i'll give you a hint- the answer is quite resounding and begins with a capital Y. 
beach, here i come! i am so so excited to take a trip with 3 close girlfriends- it's going to be so fun and a much needed rest from life. anyway, here are some pictures to get you excited with me :)
cutest little pillow on etsy

i can hear the waves already- they are calling my name

what are all of your plans for this spring break?

Monday, February 21, 2011


hello love,
one of my dear friends and mentor Les just had a sweet baby girl 3(ish) weeks ago! oh my gosh, and i can't even describe how precious she is... well you can obviously see for yourself. anyway, i went to visit this little one last week and we ended up having an addy photo shoot! here's a few pics that i took and i just designed this announcement for fun today... this is what i've been doing tonight when i realized that i was supposed to be sitting in class- ooops! yours truly here has officially become the WORST student (dang you, senioritis), in one day i have dropped a class and now am forgetting that i even have them. oh well- i'm graduating in may with two degrees, that counts for something right? 
::enjoy precious addy:: 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

the beautiful, the wise

hello love,
so i don't know if you are anything like me, but i have been OBSESSED with looking at everything that has been going on in New York this week- fashion week 2011 was incredible!! and, as sad as i am that it's over, it's probably a good thing- i can have my life back now. a few of my favs include: nanette lepore (her lace dress was to DIE for), obviously marc jacobs (he's always a fav of mine), alice + olivia (so cool), and anna sui
one of my other favorites during NY fashion week is looking at the fashion of the attendants. let me tell you, some women just know how to dress. i'm so inspired by the older women who were there, i can only hope that i'm as classy and fashion aware when i am that age. i mean, just LOOK at Iris Apfel and Linda Fargo... oh my gosh, can you say amazing?!!!
so beyond beautiful!- and i am loving those glasses... 
what other 88 year old looks this incredible?! wow.

snow days are over

hello love,
it's such a bittersweet feeling once the snow melts- bitter: you have to return to school, blah; sweet: spring is coming and old man winter is finally leaving for a while. here are some fun snow day pictures for you. 
 watching the snow with my kitty riley- 
did i mention that i'm a cat person?
my car; completely buried!

Friday, February 11, 2011

so in love.

hello love,
between being a maid of honor, designing save the dates/wedding invitations for so many people, and going to a wedding (tis the time of my life) almost every weekend... weddings have been on my mind- too bad love isn't in the air for me, ha. oh well, by the time that my day comes, i will have this wedding planning thing down- i have so many ideas now! and with this new anthropologie line (i am OBSESSED), i have been inspired... maybe 2011 is my year. we shall see- i think los angeles has called my name first though...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

snowy day

hello love,
with snow up to my knees (yes, literally to my knees... did i mention that i'm 5'll"? we got over 20 inches!!!) i am curled up in my room with coffee and a book. there is just something about a snow day. i am thinking about possibly making a fort to hideout- don't these photos make you want to do the same?! perhaps i will, i'm thinking the girl who played with fire (yes, i have fallen into this series; they are just so good!) will benefit from being read under tent... maybe that would be too scary though for this read- nothing like a swedish crime/mystery book :)

courtesy of:
from the Holiday- love that movie... love that tent


hello love,
take a look at this interesting book! winner of a dandad award

True to its title, the back of the book is its cover. Each page features a poor person, viewed only from the back. The perforated edge of each French fold encourages the reader to tear it open for a closer look into the world of the poor and underprivileged. At the end of the book (or start of the book, so to speak), the reader discovers that the words encountered throughout the book form the introduction to the book.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Hello love,
How sweet is this?! I was checking out (well, stalking may be a more accurate term, but who needs accuracy, right?) the lovely Joanna Goddard's blog "A Cup of Jo" and she did a post of her sweet mother in Paris when Joanna and her sister was born. Babies in Paris ... look at how stylish her mom was, I hope I look that good when I have kids!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

let it snow let it snow let it snow

Hello love,
We have a snow day today!!! (cue a happy dance!)... 4 inches and counting! Can you believe it? Thank you mother nature for blessing little Fayetteville with a winter wonderland that cancels school and gives me a day to catch up on homework and SLEEP :)
love this snow day- here's how I'm currently spending it, coffee and Breaking Free...

How are you all spending the day??