Wednesday, June 29, 2011

lovely ink

hello love,
although i am not planning on getting another tattoo anytime soon, how lovely are these? i was browsing tattoologist and felt that i needed to share these lovely tattoos. if i were to get another, i think i would go along the lines of these...
do you have any tattoos?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

going to the chapel- another wedding invitation for you

hello love,
i get to share another wedding invitation with you!- this is a sweet three piece invitation for a summery night wedding. i finished this one a month or so ago and am so excited to be able to finally share it! i absolutely loved working with this couple, i also designed their save the dates (check it out here). what do you all think?!
front of first piece
the back of the first piece
sweet RSVP card
fun directions card written by the groom

Saturday, June 18, 2011


hello love,
so i saw this posted on logo design love and HAD to repost! how hilarious and clever is this logo?! i laughed out loud when i saw this!

“What? I can eat delicious cookies and increase my milk supply at the same time?”

milkmakers cookies
milkmakers cookies

milkmakers logo
would really love to meet the person that designed this! haha, i'm sure they are pretty fun :)

a couple more earrings :)

hello love, 
there is something you all should know about me. i am quite spontaneous, and generally make big decisions "last minute" (as my mom says). anyway, i decided that i needed another piercing- well piercings, since i got one in each ear. what do you think love? i'm really hoping that these stay, seeing how it isn't cartilage i'm hoping i will have better luck with these. third times the charm anyway right? i have had my cartilage pierced and my nose pierced- both of which got infected and closed up...
i've been really wanting another tattoo... but for now, this will do :)
second holes :)
my lonely tattoo :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

summer essentials

hello love,
i just finished guest blogging these summer essentials to my friend tanja's  blog- how fun to blog for someone else! anyway, i wanted to put this post on my blog as well because i thought it was fun :)
summer is here lovies!! woohoo (as i do a little celebratory dance) for warm weather, sunshine, poolside and good summery fun! i thought i would share a few of my must-haves for the summer time
:: enjoy- i would love to hear what your summer essentials are ::

an outfit of the day for you :)

hello love,
as you all know by now, i love lookbook. yes, it's a bit obsessive- but i am holding myself back from creating an account because another social network site is really the last thing that i need. i take pride in not being TOO connected (hah, if you count facebook, blogger and instagram not being too connected). anyway, i just visited forever 21 and purchased a few goodies to add to my spring wardrobe. anyway, i've been really loving pairing a light sweater with shorts- is that weird? so here's one of my current favorite outfits- i've been feeling nautical lately-(all from forever 21)... i thought i would share :)
black and white striped sweater, white shorts (with a cute zipper on the side), gold watch, blue nails, stack of bracelets : )

Thursday, June 9, 2011

finger art

hello love,
i stumbled upon this picture the other day (and, shamefully, cannot remember the blog from where i got it from)... anyway, thought i would share- how cute is this?! such a fun little creative picture from a person who obv had more time than i.
more posts to come- i have another wedding invitation i will debut soon!

Monday, June 6, 2011

"i can hear the bells" (hairspray anyone?)

hello love,
i'm beginning to realize how hard it's going to be to maintain my blogger spirit during the summer months! anyone else feel this way also? between nannying, working on a few projects i've got going, the billions of weddings i am either in or going to, and just enjoying the months of sun... i have been slacking in the blogging world. i do promise, love, that i am going to try and do my best though! anyway, after being posted on my facebook page for a while, i am finally debuting my friend Tanja's (check out her blog, photographybytanja) 4-piece wedding invitation! 
what do you lovelies all think?? i loved the way it turned out- it was so fun to layer these colorful patterns and lace. i also LOVED being able to incorporate some of the owls i drew in my sketch book- i scanned them in and then digitally colored them :)
wonderful photo by Tanja, Photography by Tanja
the backs of the invitations along with Tanja's handmade boutonnieres; photo by Photography by Tanja 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

kitten envy

hello love,
my sister and i have been trying to convince my mom (dad is on board) to get a kitten. you see, the only pet we have is an older, arthritic cat, Riley- i say arthritic because, laugh if you will, every time she walks around her poor little knee cracks (it might be due to the fact that she is slightly overweight, poor girl)! i love riley and she is sweet, but i think she's lonely. i think she needs a playmate- am i wrong for coming to this conclusion? i got to hang out with some kittens when i babysat last week- and am seriously experiencing kitten envy. i think i need one. look at these pictures, and you will agree with me!
riley, in all her glory