Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"since i've been gooone" (cue kelly clarkson)

hello love,
wow, it has been a while. since i've been gone: i have found my vacay group, my heart is still in florida, i have been designing like a crazy person, and am not ready to be back in school. spring break could not have been more perfect!!! like i said, i have found my group (the perfect mixture of laid back and complete fun!)- i can only hope we will still be vacationing together when we are 30. the beach was amazing- i have more freckles, a few bruises from boogy boarding and a ton of great memories.
as far as design goes, i have been busy designing a save the date, a wedding invitation and a couple of logos! here is one i just finished for my photographer friend ryan (check his blog out).  what do you think lovies?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

save the date, a summer night

hello love, 
wow, has it been a while or WHAT?! sooo stinking much has happened in the past week, including me getting a JOB (whoa!!!), so i haven't had much (well, any) time for blogging...
another time consumer has been my little freelancing "career," which has been so much fun! i've just had the best time getting to know people, hearing they're vision for the design they want, and then working with them to get the design perfect for what they want! it has been a blast- i have found my passion :)
so, here is a project i just finished for my friends Iain and Corrie- they are save the date postcards!... what do you think?

Monday, March 7, 2011

water marbled nails!!

hello love,
oh my, i am sooo excited to start off the spring time with a fun (very design oriented may i add) new way to do my nails! i got the idea from miss jen fabulous on youtube. click here to see her video and let me know if you all try it out!
cheers to new springy nails- perfect for the beach :)

hmm, mine could use some work... but here is my first try:

can you tell they are MARBLED? i used "for audrey" by china glaze, "dating a royal" by opi, a white base by sally hansen 
and some sparkles for the top coat

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


hello love,
here's another announcement, didn't i have the best little model?! Let me know what y'all think!!