Friday, February 11, 2011

so in love.

hello love,
between being a maid of honor, designing save the dates/wedding invitations for so many people, and going to a wedding (tis the time of my life) almost every weekend... weddings have been on my mind- too bad love isn't in the air for me, ha. oh well, by the time that my day comes, i will have this wedding planning thing down- i have so many ideas now! and with this new anthropologie line (i am OBSESSED), i have been inspired... maybe 2011 is my year. we shall see- i think los angeles has called my name first though...


  1. FYI girlie, I did an internship in LA for event planning and design Fall 2009! Now I am doing weddings and events in Little Rock! Email me: and we can chit chat about it. Esp if you are interested, I can maybe get the three companies I worked for to hook you up with something out there :) LOVE your blog!!!

  2. oh my gosh, i would LOVE that Shawna!! i will be emailing you!!