Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"since i've been gooone" (cue kelly clarkson)

hello love,
wow, it has been a while. since i've been gone: i have found my vacay group, my heart is still in florida, i have been designing like a crazy person, and am not ready to be back in school. spring break could not have been more perfect!!! like i said, i have found my group (the perfect mixture of laid back and complete fun!)- i can only hope we will still be vacationing together when we are 30. the beach was amazing- i have more freckles, a few bruises from boogy boarding and a ton of great memories.
as far as design goes, i have been busy designing a save the date, a wedding invitation and a couple of logos! here is one i just finished for my photographer friend ryan (check his blog out).  what do you think lovies?

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