Monday, July 18, 2011

my dear harry

hello love,
last friday was an exciting night for yours truly as i saw the LAST harry potter film! did you see it love? it totally blew me away! the directing was amazing, harry and ron were as dashing as ever, and the special effects were incredible! i went with my friend kelly, stood in line for two hours, shed some tears, and enjoyed a fantastic movie. i will be seeing it again this week i am sure :) so so good!
anyway, we obviously dressed up (we didn't go too crazy, but a shirt was necessary- and since every store was sold out of their HP gear, we opted for some homemade goodness)... here's my homemade t-shirt, cut and drawn with sharpie (classy). i would love to see what you all wore to the HP movie

getting SO excited standing in line!
couldn't have chosen a better friend to go with!

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