Tuesday, September 13, 2011


hello love,
do i have some major news for you lovelies! wondering about the title, eh? yes, strange you would see that "employment" word on my blog. but guess what?! I HAVE A JOB!!!!! see ya later unemployment, although days of sleeping in and having no purpose was nice... i am moving on to bigger and better things.
no longer will images like this creep around with old men telling me:

that's right... because i HAVE one now old man!

i am officially the Director of Media and a Graphic Designer (my title is a work in progress) for Ce!ebrate Magazine! WOOHOOOOOO!!

i am so beyond thrilled with this job! i LOVE the girls i work with and am already designing some fun little things for the magazine... here's a taste (what's on our website... yes, i just said OUR because i'm a part of the team (eeeek)...) - so so much more to come!

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