Tuesday, May 31, 2011

gaga inspired

hello love,
as i'm waiting to get the okay to post a few brand new graphics i did for a recent client, i thought i'd share a gaga inspired "have a better day" type of card! it's not done, i'm not sure if i will actually print it... but who hasn't been inspired by gaga here recently with her cd release? i mean, seriously. i watched mtv's latest interview "inside the outside" (which you should all watch) and was further convinced i needed to do something inspired and dedicated to her.

so here it is... the unfinished pick-me-up greeting card- haha, like i said, i'm not sure if i will print it... don't know if anyone would purchase such a card as this.
let me know what you honestly think, love (keep in mind it is not finished). would you but something like this?? i need feedback :) what kind of card would you buy?

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