Thursday, May 5, 2011

almost done- time flies

hello love,
So sorry I have been absent for a bit- I promise that my monthly favorites for april are coming soon (just will be a bit late). I am in my LAST WEEK of college; ahh, what a crazy feeling. I was in the library last night (a part of me is going to miss Mullins... a lot of time was spent there) writing my very last term paper EVER. As a college student who hasn't learned her lesson in avoiding procrastination and staying on top of school work- I (head hung low) didn't even start this term paper until last night. hence being why i was there from 5 pm - 5 am! Yes, my friends, 12 hours of straight up researching, writing, occasionally panicking and facebook-ing (whoops). 
Although I am sleep deprived, today has been such a relief. I had my last photography critique this morning (that went great!) and just handed in 12 hours worth of a term paper about Jacque-Louis David for my 19th century European art history class. 
I'm going to really miss college, which I think is a sign that I did it right- there is no doubt I made the most of college! It's bittersweet moving on, but I can't wait to see what the next chapter of my life holds :)
a picture i snapped last night in the library (i figured it was appropriate to document my last visit)

much love to you from a soon-to-be college grad (with two degrees under her belt and a lot more life to live)

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