Monday, June 6, 2011

"i can hear the bells" (hairspray anyone?)

hello love,
i'm beginning to realize how hard it's going to be to maintain my blogger spirit during the summer months! anyone else feel this way also? between nannying, working on a few projects i've got going, the billions of weddings i am either in or going to, and just enjoying the months of sun... i have been slacking in the blogging world. i do promise, love, that i am going to try and do my best though! anyway, after being posted on my facebook page for a while, i am finally debuting my friend Tanja's (check out her blog, photographybytanja) 4-piece wedding invitation! 
what do you lovelies all think?? i loved the way it turned out- it was so fun to layer these colorful patterns and lace. i also LOVED being able to incorporate some of the owls i drew in my sketch book- i scanned them in and then digitally colored them :)
wonderful photo by Tanja, Photography by Tanja
the backs of the invitations along with Tanja's handmade boutonnieres; photo by Photography by Tanja 

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