Friday, June 10, 2011

an outfit of the day for you :)

hello love,
as you all know by now, i love lookbook. yes, it's a bit obsessive- but i am holding myself back from creating an account because another social network site is really the last thing that i need. i take pride in not being TOO connected (hah, if you count facebook, blogger and instagram not being too connected). anyway, i just visited forever 21 and purchased a few goodies to add to my spring wardrobe. anyway, i've been really loving pairing a light sweater with shorts- is that weird? so here's one of my current favorite outfits- i've been feeling nautical lately-(all from forever 21)... i thought i would share :)
black and white striped sweater, white shorts (with a cute zipper on the side), gold watch, blue nails, stack of bracelets : )

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