Wednesday, April 13, 2011


hello love,
so here is another doodle that i did and was considering for a logo. i would (obv.) color the hair red on the computer... hmm, but i'm still having quite a time deciding on an official logo. what do you think about this doodle? like it better than what i have? 
hmm, i think i still like mine, but it's just a thought :)
on another note- hope that you all are enjoying the BEAUTIFUL day if you are in fayetteville. sunshine, public libraries, and coffee are what i am enjoying at the moment.
ha! me in the library enjoying my coffee:: aka my poor job at attempting to act normal so no one would know i was taking a picture of myself! 


  1. i love your doodle, butttt i'm still digging the red hair logo most :)

  2. that's what i'm thinking too! the hair is simple... thanks for commenting love!!!

  3. I like the hair better too. The doodle is a lovely doodle but too busy for a logo. Simple is best.