Wednesday, April 6, 2011

poetry for your eyes

hello love,
i have been a major fan of kime buzelli, the painter and fashion illustrator based in la, for a couple of years now and tend to draw a lot of inspiration from her art. she is amazing! her pieces never fail to impress me, and my love for her only grew when she collabed with my fav makeup brand, urban decay in 2009... yes, of course i bought the eyeshadow palette the day it came out. anyway, thought i'd share her with you all since i was looking at her work this afternoon while designing... perhaps you can draw some buzelli inspiration too
check her out here... and enjoy her art :)
I would like to think that Kime (unknowingly of course) drew this one for me-
it kinda looks like me right? well, at least the hair!

also, check out her blog!

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