Friday, April 29, 2011

fishtail braids and mk

hello love,
i am currently employing blogger as a form of procrastination- i should be writing a paper, however after hitting several mental blocks, i have decided i need a break. sooo, here is my latest love:: fishtail braids. i have been wearing my hair like this for a few weeks off and on and have been really liking it. such a fun twist on a normal braid! and it looks quite intricate- your the only one that needs to know that it takes about 5 minutes in the morning :)
what do you think?

up close
need this kitten... and obv. am loving the braid :)
you may or may not know this, but i am a huge MK fan...
well, really the olsen twins in general. it all started with full house... then brother for sale, then the RSVP videos, olsen and olsen mystery agency, the list goes on. does anyone else have the same fond memories as i? i was also a prominent member of the Olsen Twin fan club. really, there is nothing more to say. 


  1. Haha! I love braids and the Olsen Twins. Me and my friend alway used to pretend to be them and go on grand adventures in my back yard.

  2. haha- my sis and i would do the same thing!! which one were you?! My sister was ALWAYS ashley and i was ALWAYS mary kate, ha!